The Journal of mana.
I feel like a blind woman, hobbling about forever obsessed with what is 'factual' rather than what is 'real'. I've known color to be real, but I haven't yet seen it. And just now I'm made aware of the extent of my blindness - of the reality of color. A beautiful, wonderful lie has been exposed to me.
I am not as clever as I thought I was. There is depth beyond my current comprehension - perhaps beyond what I'll ever come close to brushing with my cerebral fingertips, despite the effort of my swiping and reaching.
I am absolutely enthralled. I am absolutely delighted.
I write this as a reminder to myself, for when this feeling fades - as it inevitably will. Is this force inertia, I wonder, or is it gravity?
03-28-08 11:04
I should think I've delayed on this front long enough. My only real excuse is that I 'tapped' myself - which is a reference to a comment in my last post (thank you, chucho) and not some faintly creepy pseudo-masturbatory 'I tapped that' statement. FYI and such.
Perhaps a more formal introduction is in order. I'm mana and my current life position - well, I suppose it would be 'leech'. I'm a high school student, so I contribute very little to society as a whole.
Oh, well. Please don't mind me. (im in ur society, not doin' anything)
I'm also something of a hypocrite, it seems. My last comment was made to poke fun at, well, teen angst in general. My form of angst is a little less trendy emo icons and a little more vague, semi-cryptic statements, but it's still there. Due apologies to the people at large.
Silly teenybopper ramblings to come at a later date.
mana, out. (Out of mana? Hurr hurr.)
Good day. 03-17-08 17:26
Hello, my name is mana. I'm new to elowel.
Edit: Heh, it wrote my intro post for me? Lovely, but a bit laziness-inducing.